Consulting Services

Financial Sector Consulting Services – Mr. Homans’ consulting experience with financial institutions have included:

  • Advisory work in connection with the establishment of the first leasing company in Liberia
  • Development of leasing program for a finance company in the Western Balkans
  • Development of a leasing program for a mid-sized bank in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Advisory work for several equipment finance companies in Ukraine
  • Advisory work for a Ukrainian supplier of agricultural equipment considering setting up an equipment finance subsidiary

Arranging Financial Transactions for SME’s – As Founder and CEO of Norden Capital, a business finance company based in Los Angeles, CA, Mr. Homans arranged numerous financing transactions for SME customers throughout the United States, including:

  • Over a period of approximately ten years, arranged over $1.5 million in equipment financing for a manufacturer of Italian condiments (see photo above, taken with the co-owner)
  • $450,000 financing for a the largest US manufacturer of natural and organic frozen dinners and desserts
  • $250, 000 financing for a chocolate enrober for a manufacturer of chocolates
  • $125,000 financing for a gas oven, for a producer of artisan breads and pastries

Consulting for Small-Scale Agriculture, Agribusiness & Rural Development – Mr. Homans’ consulting experience in small-scale agriculture and rural development has included:

  • Development of lending products targeted at small farming operations in Ukraine
  • Developed alternatives for an investment fund targeted at agribusinesses providing products and services to Ukrainian fruit and vegetable farmers
  • Development of leasing products targeted at small farming operations and agro-processors in Tajikistan
  • Along with 3 local financial institutions, assistance in developing a project targeted at rural women entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan
  • Assisted in the establishment of the first independent leasing company in Liberia

Regulatory & Supervisory Consulting Services – Mr. Homans’ consulting experience with government agencies charged with regulating and supervising banks and non-bank financial institutions have included:

  • Advising the Serbian Leasing Association on possible improvements in the regulatory & supervisory regime pertaining to leasing operations in the Republic of Serbia
  • Assisting the Bank of the Lao PDR in the drafting of a lease decree
  • Advising the Palestine Capital Markets Authority on matters relating to the regulation and supervision of independent lessors  operating in Palestine
  • Advising the Palestine Ministries of Economy and Transportation on establishing a secured transactions registry
  • Advising the Chairman of the Tax and Customs Committee of the Ukrainian Parliament on changes to the tax code relating to depreciable assets

Consulting for Private Business – Mr. Homans’ consulting experience with private businesses have included:

  • Assisting a Ukrainian-domiciled agribusiness on financial modeling and controls, alternatives for private placement of debt and equity, and setting up a new subsidiary to engage in the sale and financing of farm equipment
  • Assisting the Ukraine office of an international accounting firm in increasing its public sector advisory work

Professional Development & Training for Financial Sector Professionals – Mr. Homans’ work in professional development projects have included:

  • Delivered 3 days of training in agricultural leasing to members of the Equipment Leasing Association of Nigeria and the staff of the Nigerian Bank of Agriculture
  • Delivered 4 days of training in financial leasing to financial service professionals and regulators in Liberia
  • Implemented the establishment of the Certified Leasing Specialist Program for Ukraine and Moldova, the first professional certification program for leasing professionals outside of North America. North America. The Certified Leasing Specialist Program is now over 7 years old. Through the end of 2014 over 300 leasing professionals in Ukraine and Moldova have been certified.
  • Lease training for the Staff of the Palestine Capital Markets Authority
  • Lease training for the loan officers of a finance company in the Western Balkans